Do our products have warranties ?
Yes, all of our self-installed products come with a 1 year warranty (unless extended warranty was chosen)

What all does our warranty cover ?

Our warranty policy covers any errors and defects made by us when producing and making you’re product. (All products are subjected to be tested and quality checked before shipping out to you.)

Our warranty policy specifically will not cover any user error damage or physical damage made to any of our products while installing or while on the road/off-road

Examples: •Wheel ring damage •Door Handle Damage •Cut Wires

RECOMMENDED: Please make sure that all ADDED wiring that is installed into YOURE VEHICLE is wrapped inside of a loom and tucked away from getting any potential water damage or touching against any metal from potentially causing any hazards or fires. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY

Controllers and drivers: It is best recommended that all controllers should be tucked away inside of the vehicle under the dash on the drivers side or to your preferred placement inside of the vehicle. LED Doorhandle drivers should be placed against the wall of the door behind the door panel to avoid any wires from being damaged or cut. Any Controller or Driver that is incorrectly placed is not subjected to be covered by our warranty.

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