Install Guide: Remove all Door panels from vehicle and remove oem door handles.

Next install Our provided Door Handles and run the wire through the inside of the door panel to the provided driver mounted on the inside.

Note: All Led drivers and wire should be placed and ran in a wire loom against the door wall where the window will not hit it when it goes up and down.

Wiring should be ran from the rear doors into the oem wiring boots in the door jams to the front doors and then connected together.

Note: Accessory wire should be ran to a switch to you’re preferred location or to a switched ignition source.

Note: The yellow turn signal wire on each side should be ran to a turn signal power wire source such as (switchback mirrors, fuse box, headlights)

Note: Ground wire can be grounded to the door but they’re could possibly be a chance of the led flickering or other issues while opening and closing the doors, it is best recommended to run a ground wire along to the inside of the cab somewhere.

LED Door-handle installs are quite a bit of a challenge and could be a headache so please make sure you have the proper tools, knowledge, and skillset if you’re going to be attempting to disassemble and reassemble your vehicle yourself to do this install or you will have a difficult time.

AGAIN We are not responsible for any user damage that occurs while installing any of our products YOURSELF, all products are made sure to be tested and working before being sent out to our customers. (refer to our warranty page under FAQ for a deepened version)