Dodge Ram 3rd Gen LED Switchback Doorhandles

Dodge Ram 3rd Gen LED Switchback Doorhandles

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Ride in elegance and style now with our Led Switchback door handles we have to offer now for Chevys and GMC’s, These are built with our 6k cool white bright switchback led strips behind a crystal frosted lense for a beautiful elegant look and touch.                                                                         Want some extra touch to you’re handles ?                      Don’t forget! These are also available in rgb+w/ colorshift and can be paired with our LFCS module' or a BlueGhozt as well. 

Installation: Each door handle will come with a wire and plug that will go into a module with 3 wires.

(White 12v+ power )                                                       (Orange 12v+ Turn Signal Power Source)       (Black/Ground)

RGB+W/Colorshift                                                                           (Red 5v+ Power)                                                                            (Green/ Data)                                                                                (White/ Ground)                                                                            Note: These will plug into a LFCS Controller or BlueGhozt Controller.

These 3 wires will have to be hard wired or (you can also purchase our 95% plug and play harness) then ran behind the door panels through the protective boots and up to you’re select choice of power source to activate them for example (On/off Switch, DRL’s, Open/Close Door, and more)

You can refer to our wiring diagram page down below to see a reference on how these should be wired up properly 

Warranty: 1 year (Refer to our warranty page to see what is covered and insured)


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